Personal Style | High-Top Black Sneakers

If you know me outside the internet, you know I wear a lot of black. It's been my go-to color for over a decade, and you know what that means: Black never goes out of style! It's easy to match with nearly everything, and looks flattering on everyone I know. It can be unassuming, but can still contain so much depth through texture. I tend to wear wardrobe basics in black with one or two pieces of an outfit in an accent color (usually blue or red). Lately however, as the days have gotten colder, this has led to a predicament in my shoe collection.

Over the past few years I acquired two pairs of teal sneakers, back when my budget was more modest (think $15-$20) and I discovered these at steal-worthy prices at a Ross in Virginia. I needed comfy shoes and these would do it! Both are basically no-name brands I had never heard of, but weren't made in a loud, hyper athletic style that I find to be a turnoff. It may not be the best for my feet, but I'd really rather have a fashion sneaker than something in 5 different colors with a huge logo slapped on the side, ultimately designed for running. Of the two teal pairs I have, my favorite is a pair of high-tops that scream "retro!" They are now totally worn outthe thick white soles are now gray-brown, and the seams of the fabric are all but falling apart. Even so, I still get compliments on them!

This year I knew I needed to find the successors to my "moon boots," but it was proving to be a big challenge. I allowed myself to be picky in my search, because after all, I knew I'd be wearing these sneakers at least 2-3 times every week. Not only that, teal had always been hit or miss as far as matching to the rest of my outfits. Should I try to find another very similar pair to replace my worn out retro sneakers, or should I start from scratch and find a pair that would more easily match most things in my closet?

About two years ago I invested in a pair of black Frye leather boots that I love wearing during the fall season, but they're now badly in need of repair. Knowing my one black fall shoe option would only get more beat up was my REAL kick in the pants to go shoe shopping! A couple months ago I popped in a Nordstrom Rack and found these black high tops, and I knew my search was over. They have all the elements I love: A little retro, a lotta black, interesting texture, and comfortable enough to wear all day. 

After all the apparel photography I've done for City Sports this year, I decided to turn my camera towards my own apparel, just for fun. I refused to wear these sneakers until I had a few minutes to photograph them, and I think it was worth it! 

After this podcast episode, the ladies of Being Boss got me thinking about making wardrobe choices that align with my branding and my vision for how I want to present myself to the world, partly as an effort to reduce the number of decisions I need to make in a day. There's no need to decide what "style" to dress myself in in the morning if my entire wardrobe is cohesive! While my branding is by no means perfect yet and my closet is still all over the place, I love this idea and think it's something to aspire to! I consider these black high-tops "step one"  on that trajectory!

How do you decide what to add to your wardrobe? Does this idea of a cohesive personal style resonate with you at all?

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