Here's what my clients are saying:


Sam + FJ

Mountain Top Inn and Resort Vermont Wedding

My now husband and I really appreciate lifestyle photography, so when we booked Lorna we were excited to have someone we felt matched that style. But leading up to the wedding, I suddenly got nervous - what if the wedding doesn't translate well on camera? What if all the candid shots are awkward? What if we look horrible because we didn't know a picture was being taken? Everyone else does more traditional photo shoots, shouldn't we?? Thankfully none of these fears came true; Lorna did an amazing job of capturing us and our guests at our finest. Everyone raved about how beautiful the photos were, and we felt like the emotion and joy of the day was perfectly captured.
We loved how Lorna just fit right in with the crowd. It was great to see her flitting about and making sure everything was captured on camera! She was also very hands off and let us go around and do what we needed to do on our own timing. But she also was sure to seize amazing opportunities. For example, at one point during the reception we were saying hello to guests, and Lorna came up to us and said she needed us to come with her NOW. We didn't ask questions, and when Lorna led us outside it was to see the most amazing sunset ever. Thanks to her awareness and diligence, we were able to capture a truly beautiful moment we might have otherwise missed.
We would have no problem recommending Lorna to even our closest friends! Lorna did a great job from the very beginning. From her flexibility with pricing to accommodating our budget, her willingness to travel, and all around excellent execution, it was a pleasure working with her!

Classic + Modern Boston Public Garden, Beacon Hill, and Downtown Coffee Shop Sunrise Engagement Session | Jessica and Thomas   | Lorna Stell | Photographer | Boston MA

Jessica + Thomas

Sunrise Engagement Session

Our two biggest concerns were likely that we might look too sleepy in the photos due to the early start time (Jessica), and being unsure of how unnatural or overly posed the final photos might look (Thomas). Neither of these fears came true! Lorna did an outstanding job of capturing our personalities. We love the natural and relaxed look of the images, and the photos feel very much like "us." You also can't even tell how early it was or how sleepy we might have been - I think this is partially because the shoot itself was very energizing and fun!
Thomas actually chose the early start time as one of his favorite parts! He says this is because it showed that Lorna really knew what she was doing as a photographer and the results were incredible. He also appreciated not being made to pose awkwardly. My favorite part was how enjoyable and fun the whole shoot experience was - something that can't be easily said for something starting at 5am! The fact that we are all friends made it even more fun and relaxed, and made that morning a special and unique memory.
Look at her work - it speaks for itself! Lorna's photos have an incredible vibrance about them, both visually and in the emotions and personalities they capture. She has an amazing eye for light and color, and is a pro at bringing out the best in her subjects. She is also very friendly and pleasant to work with - not at all imposing or intimidating. I am a long-time fan of Lorna's unique style, and am thrilled for this opportunity we have to work with her. (Especially at this special time in our lives!) We will treasure these beautiful photos for decades to come, and can't wait to work with Lorna on our wedding day!

Yunsoo + Won

Cambridge City Hall Massachusetts Wedding

Our biggest concern before our session was that having photos taken would feel unnatural. We had a very small wedding where it would have been impossible for a photographer to blend into the guests and so we were worried that it would be awkward. Our fear did not come true and in fact, we felt amazingly comfortable during the shoot. Lorna reached out to us beforehand so that we got to know each other, which helped a lot. On the day of, she was very supportive and encouraging. She let us be ourselves and we actually often forgot we were having photos taken. Instead of being awkward, it actually made it so that we enjoyed our wedding even more!
We loved how Lorna made the indoor photoshoot work. Lorna had great suggestions on where we should stand and would move around for different angles to shoot us from. We had a lot of fun exploring different parts of the building and when we saw how the pictures turned out, we were amazed at how beautiful the shots were.
Lorna is a professional who will help you feel natural in front of the camera while taking outstanding photos of you. She is wonderful at capturing beautiful moments while setting up a perfect background. The photoshoot will be fun and comfortable!

Kari O'Briant | Music Therapist

Lifestyle Portrait Session


I tend to be really negatively self-conscious about getting my pictures taken, which I know isn't unusual. I was really concerned about my outfit being okay, my hair looking perfect, and my smile looking "right". I even brought extra outfit options just in case one of them would look better on-camera! You totally put me at ease. The photos look better than I ever imagined!
You kept me laughing and not thinking about the fact that I was having my picture taken (and then spiraling into worrying about my hair, my face, etc), you were flexible, and you had lots of ideas! 
Lorna is great! She responds to communications quickly; she told me exactly what to expect; she's flexible; she spoke with me in-depth about what I was looking for in a portrait session; she kept me laughing; the session itself had a very relaxed, comfortable feel; and I'm incredibly happy with how my photos turned out!

Mary Casiello 

Day In The Life Family Session


My biggest concern was that it would be six hours of awkward, since I'm generally overly concerned about people being in my house and hate having pictures taken, but it absolutely wasn't! It was totally wonderful and you were just the right amount of present and absent to make the day feel awesome. 
My favorite part was watching the capturing of the more adorable, happy moments on camera, like Dominic playing on his mat or Naomi flipping upside down or dressing up, and knowing that we'd get to keep them forever.
You made us feel so comfortable, you were friendly and personable, and a joy to work with. This photo session was so unique, capturing the best parts of what real life at this time was like, which is truly what I think most people want to remember anyway, and not the more traditional posed shots that have nothing to do with how things actually are.  

Tracy G. | Mother of High School Senior

Senior Portrait Session


My son can be uncomfortable in front of the camera. I was a bit concerned that you would have trouble capturing how adorable he is. None of this came true—the images are a perfect representation of who he is. You even captured the elusive natural smile!
I was most pleased with how comfortable you made my son feel. The images are a testament to that. He looks like his handsome, happy self!
You are very easy to work with, the quality of your service and art is superior and your ultimate goal is to have a happy and returning customer. I've already recommended you!

Ruth Shyu | Music Teacher, Composer

Creative Entrepreneur Photography


I'm very self conscious in front of a camera. I'm one of those who always feels more comfortable staying in the background rather than stepping into the spotlight. I think that Lorna knows how to help her clients relax a bit. A few times she said things to make me laugh, and that helped. She has an easy-going style which also helped me to relax.
Throughout our interaction, she exhibited a professional level of respect and courtesy towards me. She listens well to her client's needs, and clearly strives to do her very best to meet those needs. She approaches her work very professionally with a great deal of passion.

Diane Capozzi | Fashion Blogger

Blogger Portrait Session


I'm always nervous shooting with someone I don't know. I'm afraid they won't like me & we won't click. I think Lorna & I connected immediately & she believed in what I was doing & personal goals as a fashion blogger. She has a wonderful, warm disposition & makes you feel so welcome.
She was also very open to my creative ideas that I might come up with during the shoot. She wanted to make sure I was comfortable with the backdrop. She was positive & made me feel great about what I was doing in front of the camera. This was so important to me because in the past I've had photographers make me feel inadequate, thinking they were too good to shoot with me or I wasn't good enough for them to spend the time or energy to work with me.
She makes you feel so positive about yourself! She allows you to feel comfortable trying anything in front of the camera. She is always giving compliments, so you are reassured throughout the shoot. She gives good direction during the shoot as well. She is very knowledgeable with many unique, cool places to shoot/backgrounds in so many areas of Boston & surrounding areas.