The day you commit to Yes.


Having been a bride myself, I know how important it is to have a visual historical record of the day you started a new chapter with your love, and your families. You will always have your photography to come back to to remind you of why you started on this journey, and how far you have come together. As you grow in your marriage, it’s so uplifting to have those reminders of what matters most.

I’ve been in your shoes, and I know that what you really want is someone you can trust to document one of the most special days of your life. Someone who can become part of your day, and feel comfortable blending into the action to capture all the nuances. Someone who is more than just a hired hand, since your photographer will be the vendor you spend the most time with at your wedding. 

I’ll be there as you are reunited with old friends, dance with your grandma, and commit your life to the one you love. I genuinely get excited for each and every couple, and I’m there for you.


What Can I Expect?


I’m able to serve my clients best through personalized connections. That’s why when you first get in touch with me, the next step is always to schedule an in-person meeting, phone, or Skype call! I want to hear about your love story, who you are as individuals, and what’s most important to you for your wedding day and your photography.

In my photographic process, I work observationally—watching for moments of authentic emotion—and relationally—chatting with you and guiding you—while I compose images that describe who you truly are. I’m not interested in creating images of the traditional “stand here and smile” couple at their wedding. I would much rather take photos of you laughing so hard you cry, giving each other “that look,” and kicking off your shoes to dance to your favorite jam at your reception.

After your wedding you’ll receive your digital images, and I’ll also walk you through the process of choosing your favorites and deciding how you want to save them in print. I believe in print because I believe that our external environment influences our perspective and mindset. When we have visual reminders around us of what (and who) matters most, it becomes easier to put them first and love them well.


"We loved how Lorna just fit right in with the crowd. It was great to see her flitting about and making sure everything was captured on camera! She was also very hands off and let us go around and do what we needed to do on our own timing. But she also was sure to seize amazing opportunities. For example, at one point during the reception we were saying hello to guests, and Lorna came up to us and said she needed us to come with her NOW. We didn't ask questions, and when Lorna led us outside it was to see the most amazing sunset ever. Thanks to her awareness and diligence, we were able to capture a truly beautiful moment we might have otherwise missed."

—Sam + FJ, Married Nov. 2016

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