We both know there are hundreds of photographers out there—How do you choose?


I went through this myself as a bride, and having worked with other photographers as well. The qualities below are important to me when choosing a photographer, and I think they may be important to you as well!


Quality + Aesthetic style

My style is organic, emotive, and modern, and I stay away from heavy or traditional posing because I want to capture who you are, not just what you look like. Candid, relaxed moments are always what I’m looking for. I am happiest shooting with natural light at sunrise or sunset when the light is the most magical looking and the most flattering on you, however I also make use of portable, professional lighting equipment on a regular basis. 

Every image you receive is hand edited by me to ensure that it’s consistent with the rest of my work. My editing is film-inspired, but I never alter any image to the point that colors, contrast, etc. are unrealistic. The quality and style of images you see here on my website and on my social media accounts are consistent with what you would receive from me as a client!


Customer service

Having been a client myself, I know what it feels like to be let down when promises aren’t kept. As you look for your photographer, I suggest getting to know them on a personal level to see if you click or not. If something about your photography that is important to you isn’t addressed online, never be afraid to ask! In my opinion, there is never a dumb question here because I know you most likely don’t spend a lot of time being photographed, and you may not know what to expect unless I tell you. 

As I work with each of my clients, I always take the time before the camera ever comes out to ensure that their concerns are addressed, and every detail is accounted for. I’m definitely a details person, especially when it comes to planning portrait sessions and wedding timelines! I always remember that at the end of the day, you’re a person, just like me, and I vow to treat you with respect, honesty, and open-mindedness.



Being in front of a camera when you don’t remember the last time you’ve been photographed can feel nerve wracking! That’s why I think it’s important to choose a photographer who you personally feel comfortable being around—especially for your wedding day, since I may be with you for 8 hours or more on an especially crazy, exciting occasion! This is also why I make time to chat one on one with all of my clients to get to know them, and get to the heart of what they need most. 

As an introvert sensitive to overstimulation, I personally look for photographers who listen well, get to know me, and guide me along in the experience, rather than push me onto a high-energy, spontaneous adventure. No hate to my extrovert or spontaneity-loving friends, but I’m a little different, and prefer to soak up the moment than charge into it! If that’s what you’re looking for too, you’re in the right place, my friend.


I tend to be really negatively self-conscious about getting my pictures taken, which I know isn't unusual. I was really concerned about my outfit being okay, my hair looking perfect, and my smile looking "right". I even brought extra outfit options just in case one of them would look better on-camera! You didn't ask me to change (though I would have willingly) and totally put me at my ease. The photos look better than I ever imagined!

You kept me laughing and not thinking about the fact that I was having my picture taken (and then spiraling into worrying about my hair, my face, etc), you were flexible, and you had lots of ideas!

Lorna is great! She responds to communications quickly; she told me exactly what to expect; she's flexible; she spoke with me in-depth about what I was looking for in a portrait session; she kept me laughing; the session itself had a very relaxed, comfortable feel; and I'm incredibly happy with how my photos turned out!

—Kari O'Briant, Lifestyle Portrait Session, June 2015

Not seeing something important to you here?

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