Squantum Point Park Senior Portrait Session

When I was first chatting with J's mother on the phone about scheduling his senior portrait session, I think I was told at least three times, "Oh, he's a very no-nonsense kind of guy." In this case, "no-nonsense" apparently means being an amazingly easy going portrait subject! J knows what he does and doesn't want ("Yeah, let's not shoot by the giant rusty piece of metal...") but was also happy to try a bunch of my creative ideas. I have to say, this is the perfect combo when it comes to portrait sessions! This guy even sat on a big (possibly dirty) piece of driftwood in his khakis for me (and for the record, I offered my own blanket for him to sit on)!

Our time at Squantum Point Park was everything I could have hoped for, and I think J and his mom and sister would agree! The four of us remarked over and over on what a gorgeous day it was. It was one of the last very warm and sunny days before the fall temperatures started creeping in, and despite the lovely weather we didn't have to avoid many passerby's at all (I can forgive the few friendly people we saw walking their dogs, since I'm a hopeless animal lover)! 

In the time we spent exploring the pier, walking trails, and rock park at the tip of Squantum Point, J got a great yearbook photo, and his mom got many choices in photos for some updated wall art in their home! We made sure to include J's sister as well so the family could have a great photo to include in their holiday cards this year. This family is just the best, and it makes my day to know that this portrait session is a snapshot of J's young life that can be saved for generations. This guy is going to be making waves very soon, I guarantee it! Look out, world!

When J and his family received their prints in the mail, I was over the moon to see this comment from his mother on my business's Facebook page:

The prints came this morning and they are beyond beautiful. I love a digital file, but you're right - an image printed at this quality is a work of art. Can't wait to get them on the wall! Thank you so much!!

Even better, J's mom took a few extra minutes to send me a more thorough follow-up, so of course I have to share! I actually love when my clients share what their fears are concerning photo sessions. After all, who hasn't felt awkward in front of a camera, or said to themselves, "I am just NOT the photogenic type!" If you can relate, read on!

My son can be uncomfortable in front of the camera. I was a bit concerned that you would have trouble capturing how adorable he is. None of this came true - the images are a perfect representation of who he is. You even captured the elusive natural smile!
I was most pleased with how comfortable you made my son feel. The images are a testament to that. He looks like his handsome, happy self!
You are very easy to work with, the quality of your service and art is superior and your ultimate goal is to have a happy and returning customer. I've already recommended you!

Interested in you or your son or daughter's own senior portraits? Get in touch to have a no-pressure chat with me and find out if my sessions are a good fit for you!