Charles River Esplanade Professional Portrait Photography | Andrea Schroll

Let me first open this post by saying social media is really cool, but for reasons that have recently surprised me! It can be too easy to get sucked into aimlessly scrolling through Facebook's or Instagram's feeds (speaking for myself here!), but with intention, the power of social media can totally be put to greater use! 

I discovered this firsthand recently when Andrea and I connected in a Facebook group. I had put out an "open call" to other entrepreneurs and small business owners, just looking to make some friendly connections with other people who share similar values in life and business. Andrea responded to my post online, and we ended up chatting over coffee for a couple hours soon after! It was so exciting to meet another woman at a similar place in her business, and get to talk about life and business with her! I didn't expect to book any photo sessions from a little Facebook post, but as we sat talking, Andrea told me she wanted new professional photography to use for her business. I couldn't wait to plan this session for her and bring fresh, personalized imagery to her brand!

If you don't know Andrea already, she offers therapy, counseling, and coaching services. Her heart is in working with women to build their confidence, and "extinguish the negative blocks in your life that are keeping you stagnant, dissatisfied and possibly questioning your life's path."  I love that! Even just in spending a little bit of time with her, I can tell Andrea has such a warm heart, and a strong drive to make a positive impact on the lives of women. To learn more about her services and read lots of glowing testimonials, visit her website

I wanted Andrea's photos to radiate with positivity and a feeling of warmth and friendliness, and I think we got it! Although, Andrea is naturally a friendly person anyway, so I can't 100% take credit for that! Big big shoutout to this awesome woman for dealing with some crazy cab drivers and putting up with the blustery wind on this day, and another big shoutout to the Royal Sonesta in Boston for being incredibly accommodating and allowing us to use some of their space for some indoor photos! This day was full of surprises and I'm glad I got to spend it with this lady!

I LOVE this mug she found the day before her session! It's so perfect for her business and the purpose behind her work!

Professional photography is an important tool to leverage when it comes to building a business and getting the word out about the work you do! If you're an entrepreneur feeling like it's time to invest in quality photography for your product or service based small business, get in touch at the button below to have a no-pressure chat about whether my services are a good fit for you!