Why The Chilly Months Are The Perfect Time For A Day In The Life Family Session

In her usual way, Ruby let out a mischievous giggle after spilling a pile of flour on the countertop. She peered over her shoulder to see if her mom thought it was funny too, and mom gave her a smile and raised eyebrow that said, "You know you're cleaning that up, right?" After wiping off the counter and washing her hands, Ruby returned to the mixer. Coming up behind her, Ruby's mother cupped her daughter's head in her hands and gave her a kiss on the crown. It was the kind that can only say, "I love you to the moon and back, even with all your crazy silliness."

It's moments like these that can't be scripted or posed. This is real life. Sometimes life gets messy, but there's no story without a little mess. These are the things that bond families together. In Day In The Life family sessions (more hours than a traditional family session, and often photographed around the home), these candid and organic moments that show our true colors are captured and saved forever. You won't get today back, but you can have beautiful, creative photography to always remember this season of life by. No other family has a story like yours, and that's why I really believe in the value of these photographs. No two are ever the same, and each one is true-to-the-moment!

One thing I love about these sessions is because they can be spent either part or all of the day in the comfort of your home, they can be booked year round! However, I personally love doing these sessions during the fall and winter as it starts becoming more challenging to spend full days running around outdoors. If being cooped up on a cold day sounds boring to you, fear not! There are so many ways to spend quality time together as a family in every season's photo sessions, and I wanted to highlight some today as we approach dropping temperatures!

  • apple picking (this is on my bucket list of family session activities!)
  • collect fall leaves to press
  • cuddles under a warm blanket
  • have playtime with pets
  • if you have a dog, slip them into a sweater and go for a walk
  • revisit the family albums and old photographs tucked away in envelopes
  • bake or cook your favorite meal (teach the kids how!)
  • visit an indoor garden in the Boston area
  • read books with the kids
  • bundle up to explore the New England coastline and bring home your favorite rocks and shells as souvenirs
  • make mulled cider or hot chocolate
  • do a puzzle
  • play jenga, build a marble run (anyone else remember these?), or play another interactive game
  • draw, color, or make some hands-on crafts
  • after it snows in a month or two, go sledding or snowshoeing

Day In The Life sessions definitely don't have to be spent all indoors, or even all at home. These sessions are so fun and special for homebody families, active families, and everyone in between! Not sure if it's for you? Here's what one of my clients, Mary, had to say after her family's first Day In The Life session:

My biggest concern was that it would be six hours of awkward, since I'm generally overly concerned about people being in my house and hate having pictures taken, but it absolutely wasn't! It was totally wonderful and you were just the right amount of present and absent to make the day feel awesome.
My favorite part was watching the capturing of the more adorable, happy moments on camera, like Dominic playing on his mat or Naomi flipping upside down or dressing up, and knowing that we'd get to keep them forever.
You made us feel so comfortable, you were friendly and personable, and a joy to work with. This photo session was so unique, capturing the best parts of what real life at this time was like, which is truly what I think most people want to remember anyway, and not the more traditional posed shots that have nothing to do with how things actually are.

Never had a documentary-style family session of your own, and curious to learn more? Get in touch at the button below to have a no-pressure chat about whether a Day In The Life session is right for your family! I hope to go apple picking with you and yours!

Whatever today brings you, I challenge you to not take this season of life for granted! Soak up those everyday details, even if they seem insignificant. Find new opportunities for gratitude, and friends, enjoy this sweater weather!

Would you ever consider doing a Day In The Life session with your family? What other activities would you add to the list?