Methuen Day In The Life Family Session | The Casiello Family

Methuen Day In The Life Family Session | The Casiello Family | Lorna Stell | Photographer | Boston MA

What can I say about this lovely family? This mom, Mary, and dad, JP, are two very warm and caring people, and incredible parents. It was really so amazing to watch them with their children, Naomi and baby Dominic, and see how they take as many moments as they can to patiently love their kids and teach as much as they can.

Naomi is a ball of energy as it is, but I think with a new face around this day (often behind a camera), she was filled with the urge to show off a little. Who can blame her! By the end of this day my camera was full of photos where Naomi decided to make a face at me or throw a huge smile my way, which was pretty adorable! Baby Dominic loved the camera too! When he figured out that all the clicking was coming from the black box in front of my face, he started turning to look quite often with eyes full of wonder. These kids made my job so easy!

In this post you'll see: interactive book reading, silly faces and big smiles, snuggles with mom, dad playing with his kids as all good dads do (holding kids up in the air, flipping them around, and letting them climb all over him of course), a paper crown, and special appearances by the family cat. I'm so grateful to have been able to capture these sweet, loving moments of home life for this family that welcomed me in with open arms! Enjoy A Day In The Life of the Casiello Family (and the bonus fun facts at the end)!

Bonus fun fact #1: During this family session, I learned how to make brown sugar! My whole life I had no idea it was just sugar+molasses (clearly I am not a baker)! 

Bonus fun fact #2: Just from watching Mary read to Naomi, I learned some interesting ways to interact and ask questions while going through a book to teach emotional awareness. I'll admit that's a topic I'm super interested in, and believe is a skill that's so important for children to have! 

Interested in your own Day In the Life session with your family to capture authentic and loving moments of home life with your loved ones? Please get in touch!