Boston Fashion + Style Photography | Chic Coles, Chapter Six

Boston Fashion + Style Photography | Chic Coles, Chapter Six | Lorna Stell | Photographer | Boston MA

A couple updates for you, my dear readers, and then back to your regularly scheduled blog post!

  1. If the writing below sounds weird at all, it's because I'm fighting through a cold (or something like it)! I'm trying to stay as focused as I can today while hoping I don't crash too hard tonight. The struggle is real! On that note, if anyone has any amazing cold or general bug remedies, post in the comments, I would be so grateful! 
  2. I'm headed to Washington D.C. this Friday for a long weekend with the family, so I will miss a week of blogging. So sorry, but I will be back soon! That's why you commenting with your cold remedies is so important: if I have to fly on a plane and walk around being a tourist for a few days with a cold and super stuffy head, I will be suuuper bummed!

Ok! Let the Fashion + Style begin!

I can't believe Melissa and I have already made six gorgeous blog posts together! I love collaborating with individual creative people more and more every day. There is so much freedom to try new things and have fun with the whole process!

This session was photographed right next to the Zakim Bridge. Urban textures juxtapose grass and trees (much like the rest of the city), and allow for so many different "look and feel" opportunities for styled sessions like this. I love when all you have to do is look around to find inspiration!

This day was a little bit crazy though! It was one of the first semi-warm days of this Spring, but still worthy of a heavier jacket. Melissa had planned some cute winter-to-spring outfits to shoot, but it was so windy, and chilly, and the sun would come out, hide, and come out again (full force) about every two minutes! Melissa was a total trooper in the chilly breeze while she waited for me to adjust to the changing light over and over! But we got through it and have some lovely photos to show for it.

Visit Melissa's blog Chic Coles to see even more photos from our session, and to find how you can get her Jessica Simpson dress, Rebecca Minkoff clutch, and jewelry! I hope these color and texture combos are inspiring to you, because they totally are to me! Enjoy!

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