Boston Winter To Spring Fashion + Style Photography | Fashion On The 4th Floor, Chapter Five

Happy Monday, friend!

Lately I’ve been posting a series about my rebranding process! In the first post I shared the big announcement and why I’m rebranding, in the second I shared about who my Dream Clients are (take a look and see if it’s you!), in the third I shared the moodboard that started the visual rebranding process, and in the fourth I shared my new logo that my designer created!

The next steps are designing collateral (business cards, for example) and redesigning my website. Yep, it's the whole shebang, not just a new logo! I cannot WAIT to share the finished product, but those last two steps are no easier than the beginning of the rebranding process, and likely won’t be finished for at least a few more weeks. In the meantime here on the blog, I wanted to circle back to the purpose behind why I'm rebranding at all, which is photography!

Because this past winter was so mild, I was shooting much more than I normally would outside! Diane (from Fashion On The 4th Floor) and I got together in JANUARY of all times, and planned a really fun session for her blog to show off some winter-to-spring styles! She has been killing it with the awesome outfits, as usual!  

Whenever we schedule a session, it’s always a bit of a fun collaboration, the same as it is with any of my other clients! I always spend time location scouting and running some options by her, and from there we decide what locations and environments mesh best with the outfits she wants to feature. It’s always great when we discover places that have several different aesthetics in one area (great for several different outfits!) and this is so easy to do in Boston with the mix of modern and historical architecture, and urban parks!

Diane and I have been doing her sessions in Somerville the most, but this outfit was the first we featured in Boston! Ever since I discovered this building, I’ve been dying to shoot in this little hidden gem of the city. So so glad it worked out this day! Sure, we could have just as easily taken photos on any city sidewalk, but isn’t this big white room with gold features just magical?

If you couldn’t tell from looking at my Rebranding series, this building is SO me. Big, bright spaces that feel airy and energized, along with marbled, metallic, and organic details, not to mention a huge skylight up above (not pictured I’m afraid)! It reminds me a bit of a museum. Anyone else feel right at home in high-ceilinged, modern museums with marble floors?  

Those Nikes are TOO perfect for this! Talk about a perfect match!

What do you think of this sporty-glam outfit and gorgeous backdrop? Personally I'd wear that outfit any day of the week, and I'm working on making an excuse to do some reading or laptop work in that lovely building!

If you're loving this session and want one for your own blog or business (or just to treat yourself!) get in touch at the button below!