Rebranding: That "Me Too" Moment

If you’re reading this, you may have heard last week’s big announcement: I’m rebranding my business!

If that sounds like gibberish to you, you’ll want to visit last week’s post to learn about what branding is, and why I’m REbranding! Most importantly, you’ll get a glimpse of what my rebranding means for you. To recap:

My rebranding means newfound clarity for both of us! I’m really honing in on:

  • The work I create (what services I offer and how) and who I do it for
  • My business focus + values (Why I do what I do)
  • Incorporating products (So that you can have a positive and meaningful experience of your photos! When was the last time you looked at that folder full of images on your hard drive?)

Overall, I’m working to create a more positive and complete experience for you.

Let me back up a second and let you in on how I started my journey to clarity within my business. It began with the very first stage of my designer (Sara) and I working together:

First, Sara sent me a questionnaire to fill out which helped both of us get a clearer picture of my brand identity—this is what my new logo, central colors, typefaces, and overall design aesthetic will come to represent. The goal is for people like you to be able to visit my website or look at my business card and quickly get a clear idea of who I am and what I do. Her questionnaire helped me put words to everything from my brand’s core purpose and values, to my color preferences, and everything in between.

Then, I decided to do some extra research on my own. At the same time that I was thinking about the branding process and how it applied to my business and my photography, I started to also spend time thinking about who my Dream Clients are—the people who I most love working with, who also love working with me. After all, one of the most important purposes behind branding is to create a clear message that speaks to the people who are meant to hear it, and who WANT to hear it!

So, I decided to create a survey of my own and call up some of my portrait clients from 2015. I didn’t get to chat with every one of you sadly, but those of you I did get to talk with taught me SO much. I am so grateful for the time you spent sharing your thoughts with me and showing me what’s most important to you in life. I ended up asking you about everything from what your dream house would be like, to what you're most often frustrated by, to how you want to be seen by others (Seriously. We got DEEP and I cannot thank you all enough for sharing these things with me)! I discovered some amazing things, which my Dream Clients all have in common, that made me feel so elated and encouraged!

Turns out, you all have an incredible sense of openness and compassion. You genuinely want to see others succeed and flourish, and you have a strong desire to savor and celebrate the life you have. You value your relationships more than anything, but you also value diversity, honesty, creativity, and selflessness.

In your heart, you know that you are valuable. You are strong and unafraid to work hard at work worth doing. Because you put your loved ones and your passions first, sometimes that means you need an extra reminder to take time for some self-care. You love to live in the moment and have an adventure every once in a while. You know that life is about more than “stuff.” Clean lines and functional simplicity are totally your style.

Friends, I cannot tell you how many times I said or thought to myself, “Me too!!” These are values we have in common, and that’s why we get along so well! While I knew many of these things about myself already, I didn’t realize how very similar you and I are on a deeper level when it comes to what we passionately believe in! It makes sense though, because I knew there must be SOME reason why we have such positive experiences together during phone calls, meetings, and photo sessions! I’m so excited to finally have clarity around the core values we share! What could be better than those “me too” moments in life that bring us together?

Since completing these surveys, I now know that I need to speak very specifically to your values (and mine) here on my blog, on social media, and all the other places where I like to be involved. This way, we both know from our first conversations that we have some amazing things in common, and that you can trust me to capture the moments and relationships most special to you, while affirming who you are. Because you, my friend, are a wonderful, unique, valuable person.

If you like how this sounds and you’re having a “me too” moment of your own, let’s continue the conversation! Let me know in the comments if you can relate to today's post!

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