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I still can’t believe it’s 2016, can you? I know I’ve had a whole 18 days for it to sink in, but I think I’m struck by the blessing of new beginnings—this was the first year I did a no-holds-barred reflection on the past year, and made goals for myself for the new year. I struggle to keep focused on my top priorities sometimes, but just the act of setting goals has made a big difference for me! It makes it so much easier to say “no” to things that aren’t on my “top priorities” list, and say “yes” to new opportunities that will help me reach my goals.

Diane from Fashion On The 4th Floor set some goals for 2016 too, and blogging is part of them! For her, blogging is a creative outlet in a busy day to day life, and here’s what she had to say about it on Instagram recently: "This creative outlet was a positive escape from everyday craziness, something just for me! A way to #expressmyself #bemyself #shareideas & #inspiration. Feeling negative pressure creep in, I knew I needed to reassure myself & reinforce My Original Goals for 2016: #dowhatiwantwheniwant #thenumbersdontmatter #havenoexpectations & most of all, #keephavingfun"

Guys. I LOVE these goals! They’re totally serving Diane in her blogging journey, and I would say she’s already had all kinds of success because she’s choosing to make space in her life for something that feeds her soul! Go, girl! I wanted to share all that today because I’ve been thinking about my absolute favorite people to work with (who enjoy working with me too). Those of you who want to meet life, opportunities, and people with open minds, hearts and expectations, and those of you who are unapologetically YOU.

I’ll be sharing more later this year about what my dream clients are like, but for now, just know that if you’ve been thinking about collaborating with/hiring a photographer, and the statement above sounds like you, I would LOVE to hear from you and get to know you. Even if it just means grabbing coffee with no camera present! If you enjoy meeting new people just for fun, you and I will get along juuust fine!

On to the main event! Here is Chapter Three with Fashion On The 4th Floor! 

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