Somerville Winter Fashion + Style Photography | Fashion On The 4th Floor, Chapter Four

Happy February 1st friends! I hope your January gave you a fresh perspective for the new year, and that 2016 is getting started in a great place! High five for making it through month #1! I feel like I’m on a good trajectory for the year, but I also have SO MUCH on my plate! I have started some new behind-the-scenes projects (more details to come!) and I feel like I’ve had to choose between that important work and blogging and posting on Instagram and Facebook. It bums me out that I have less time in the day to hang out online, share what I’m up to, and have conversations, but it will totally pay off later! I can’t wait to share more when I can be less vague about it!

On to today’s photo session! Diane from Fashion On The 4th Floor has been killing it with the great winter styles! The last time I wore a denim skirt was probably about a decade ago, and I cringe to think of those days, but Diane makes it look GOOD with the retro boots, classy sheer plaid, and faux leather vest! Her long necklaces are perfect for adding an extra sophisticated touch. This session was SO her and she brought the energy!

Towards the end of our session we happened upon this super colorful wall and a row of painted radiators in all different colors! We had fun with that since we had been on a monochrome/neutrals kick. I actually LOVE neutrals and monochrome styling (I’m a bit of a minimalist) but I thought it was fun to get a break and bring in all the color we could find for these shots!

What do you think of this outfit? Would you wear it yourself? Personally I'm coveting that plaid shirt and vest!

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