Boston Fashion + Style Photography | The Cubicle Collections, Chapter Two

Happy Monday, Gorgeous! I'm pumped to be able to share Chapter Two from this collaboration with Jackie of The Cubicle Collections! If you're a Lady Boss looking for regular inspiration for professional, feminine, and personalized style, her blog is the place to go!

I have been dying to share this portion of my photo session with Jackie! Although I do love being around green leaves and blue skies, Boston's cityscape blended with the minimal color palette and clean lines of this outfit speak to my heart. The opportunity to make urban-centric portraits like this was a big motivator for moving to the Boston area!

This whole ensemble includes quality brands like Rag & Bone, Nine West, Cole Haan, Rebecca Minkoff, H&M, Marc Jacobs, and BCBG. These are all such chic brands that this portion of our photo session was begging to have more of an air of serious confidence. Us Lady Bosses mean business, and so do our outfits! Sometimes the best way to refocus your confidence is to dress the way to you want to feel.

Enjoy, and be inspired! Does this outfit inspire you to try something new in your own style this summer to build your confidence? I would love to know!

Are you a fashion or lifestyle blogger looking for a new and fresh way to share your personal style with the world, fall in love with blogging all over again, and get a self-confidence boost for an added bonus?

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