Olga + Albion | Whimsical Quincy City Hall Summer Wedding | Boston and New England Wedding Photography

Olga and Albion’s petite wedding (as I call weddings with just the couple and a few guests) was at Quincy City Hall on a warm day in July. I seriously love the intimacy and personal feel of city hall weddings, and this was my first one in Quincy. Olga and Albion live in Massachusetts and are Eastern European. They tended to be very serious in front of the camera, so my goal was to sneak in as many photos as possible when they made each other laugh, which happened often since Albion is a goofball! That being said, I also love sprinkling in those moody portraits to the mix as well. The portraits from this wedding are some of my favorite of all time! 

Olga and Albion planned to not see each other beforehand, so they got ready and arrived to city hall separately. We coordinated so that Olga could sneak up behind him, kind of like a first look, and they could have a moment together of excitement before they make their marriage official! All of their parents were there to support them, so we took some group family portraits. Then, off to a super quick ceremony, exchanging rings, and then some couple portraits. Most of these were taken right around city hall, but we walked over to the library as well which is beautiful.

I think Olga’s dress was one of the fanciest I’ve seen at a city hall wedding, and I am all about it! I loved that she put flowers in her hair and went all out with fancy heels, a full size bouquet, and gorgeous makeup. If you’re going to make the relationship official, why not go all in? 🙂

Photographed for Thompson Photography Group.