Katelyn + Joe | Summer Sunset Lake Quannapowitt Wakefield Engagement Session | Boston and New England Wedding Photography

These two have a special place in my heart, not least because we’re neighbors! I met Katelyn and Joe at Sweetbay (the most gorgeous local boutique in Wakefield!) soon after they got engaged, and we clicked right away. 

Turns out, Katelyn and Joe are high school sweethearts and have lived in Wakefield for years! They started dating on the night of Katelyn’s senior prom (SO cute) and the Wakefield High tradition is for the students to walk around the common by Lake Quannapowitt in their gowns and tuxes for the town to see and send them off. So, we incorporated all kinds of pretty areas and town landmarks near the lake into their session to commemorate the beginnings of their relationship! AND, we did it during the “golden hour”—Usually sunrise or sunset, and in this case, sunset—So all their photos have a dreamy, golden color. Golden hour sessions are my favorite, and you’ll see why once you start scrolling!

So here’s the crazy part about their session—It was during a killer heat wave! We already had to reschedule once due to slightly chilly, humid, misty rain weather, which is no good for hair and makeup. The day they rescheduled for was beautiful and sunny…and 95 degrees! They braved it like total champs and you wouldn’t even have known from looking at them how hot it was! We definitely laughed about it afterwards, but we were so glad that we kept the date since the light was just perfect.

Joe’s sister made this lovely sign for them! I always get excited to see how couple’s friends and family come together to make each wedding special!

How gorgeous is she?! I have total heart eyes over here!

Getting natural smiles for the camera is always one of the fun challenges of being a photographer, and it’s a little bit different with every couple and family! Apparently what works for Joe is “Give me some GQ!”…which cracks me up because if you’ve ever seen a GQ magazine cover, you know they’re super serious!

Funny story about this church: The “stone church” is a huge town landmark that everyone knows about, and it looks very iconic. Katelyn told me when she was younger, she used to imagine getting married in the stone church…Turns out, it’s a Congregational church, and Katelyn and Joe are Catholic! Bummer!

Now look at these two and tell me they’re not totally in love!

Katelyn and Joe, you two are amazing! I love what kind and down to earth people you are, and it’s clear that you have big hearts, especially for each other and your families! I can’t wait for your St. Patrick’s Day wedding, it’s going to be amazing!