Classic + Modern Boston Public Garden, Beacon Hill, and Downtown Coffee Shop Sunrise Engagement Session | Jessica and Thomas

When my alarm went off at 3:30am, I remember a brief period of my night-owl brain asking, “Why did I do this to myself?” After about 10 minutes passed and I could truthfully say I was awake, I remember my creative brain (who also loves people), asking, “How AWESOME is this going to be?!” I felt the tingle of nervous excitement as I confirmed with myself for the third time that yes, I did have everything I needed. This was the morning of my first ever sunrise engagement session with some soon-to-be newlyweds, and OH MAN was it worth it!

This completely adorable and sweet couple is Jessica and Thomas, and I can’t tell you what an honor it was to be their engagement photographer (and in a few months, their wedding photographer too)! It’s really always an honor when I’m chosen to photograph someone’s special life moments, but especially so this time around, because Jessica and I go way back. So far back actually, that I don’t even use her full name anymore—She’s affectionately known to me as Jess. Jess and I became great friends when we first met in Boston in 2010 and connected over so many shared interests, including but not limited to: both of us originally being from Virginia, having creative and business interests (she’s a talented web designer, and made the transition to self-employment about a year or so before me), and both of us being introverts and having a love for goofy, silly humor!

When Jess started dating Thomas (who’s originally from Germany) I knew it would just be a matter of months before she had a ring on her finger! They are PERFECT together, and are such a patient, loving, supportive, and fun couple. Who knew that they would start their lives with an ocean between them, and then begin their real journey together here in Boston? This is why I love getting to know “my” couples beyond, “So, do you want photos indoors or outdoors?” Each of you is so unique and I want to tell the story of YOUR love! Ok, ok, enough cheese…back to J+T!

These two live just outside Boston and they knew they wanted their engagement session in some beautiful, classic Boston areas, while also highlighting what’s special to them. What they really wanted was photos taken in the Boston Public Garden and the Beacon Hill area, and a last minute idea was stopping off at a nearby coffee shop for photos there as well since they’re both coffee lovers! They asked, and they got it!

One unique challenge to having portrait sessions in dense urban areas (like the heart of Boston) is the constant flow of people and cars. That doesn’t mean going there in the middle of the day is impossible, but what if there was a way to create gorgeous photos of you and your love in your favorite place, with NO one around? There totally is—make a trip there at sunrise! It’s not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure…remember my 3:30am alarm? But J+T were into the idea and trusted me, and it totally paid off!

We got there at the perfect time—the sun hadn’t risen yet, and the sky was still dark with just a faint glow. That means we got to start with some moodier, intimate photos (cue the romance!). When the sky exploded with bright, warm sunlight, we were handed so many possibilities! Big sun flares, reflections of the light on the water in the Garden, backlit trees (which look magical, by the way), and those are just the backdrops! J+T were really just being their loving selves while we talked and laughed between shots, which was perfect. As long as you’re comfortable with your photographer, real, organic photos like this are possible for any couple! That’s why I take the time to get to know anyone who spends time in front of my camera! :)

One thing J+T were nervous about for their session was being too tired. But I promise if all three of us managed to get up-and-at-‘em before sunrise, you can too! Once we started going, all sleepiness dissipated and we had a great time exploring the city in the early morning. It didn’t hurt to end the session with a mug of warm coffee though!

Fun fact: After receiving their photos, I got this message from Jess:
"WE LOVE THEM!!!!!! sdfksjakf; kasjshflkj!!!" 
"You are amazing and we’re so happy that you’re our photographer 😃 😃 " 

THIS (among other things) is what makes my job so worth it!

Jess and Thomas, individually you’re both wonderful people, but together, you’re a strong team and your love overflows to everyone else in your life. The world is better for you being together, that’s a fact! Much love to you both, and congratulations on this next big step in your journey!

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