Adventures in Maine | Part Two

Today I'm serving up Part Two of my anniversary trip to Maine! It would seem that this is my way of saying goodbye to summer. The end of seasons always tends to sneak up on us, so I hope all of you reading have soaked up all the 80+ degree afternoons you can (if you're in New England that's chilly here today!)

I'm excited to share the last two big sites we saw in the second half of the week, because I would recommend both of them! First up: Ship Harbor trail in Acadia. You might notice we spent a LOT of time in Acadia, and that's because it's huge (and really pretty)! It's much larger than I realized, and we could have probably spent our entire week here seeing different landmarks and hiking trails. Ship Harbor Trail is one of the shortest and easiest trails, but it was SO fun. There is so much room to explore and go on and off the trail along the coastline. Pink rock climbing, anyone?

The next day we went on a carriage tour of Day Mountain. I loved having a front row seat to all the views along this trail! I took horseback riding lessons as a kid for several years, and I always love being around horses now whenever I can manage it (doesn't happen often in Boston)! The man driving our carriage is local to the area, has a wealth of knowledge about Acadia, and is a real jokester. Definitely check out these tours if you're visiting Acadia!

I hope you enjoyed this mini-series! For your own travel photography, get in touch via the button below! Let me know which image is your favorite in the comments!