6 Reasons Why Working With A Professional Photographer Is The Best Next Thing For Your Blog

Humans are visual creatures. I think this is something we can all agree on, whether it comes to a lovely living space, a well-styled outfit, a website, or your honey (shout out to my other half!). As a photographer, I'll admit I'm a little biased, but I think photography falls into this category too. People respond to things that are aesthetically appealing to them, whether they can pinpoint specifically why or not!

As a new blogger myself, I have spent hours exploring the internet perusing different blogs. You know what I found? The blogs that stick in my mind, that I actually remember to revisit multiple times, are the ones that look beautiful. They could be about anything - fashion, food, lifestyle, productivity - but I am always more open to the content and excited to keep reading when my eyes are happy looking at it!

One aspect of blogging I'm trying to improve in is being interactive online. This means if someone sends me love, sending it right back and visiting their blog or social media feed. One day, I was looking through a few posts on a new blog I had discovered. The content was helpful, but actually the first thing I noticed was that the branding and appearance was all beautiful and cohesive. I couldn't help but read more of what this blogger had to say, and then I couldn't help myself from visiting her Instagram feed and commenting on a photo to let her know how much I really enjoyed my stay on her blog! I thanked her for all the informative content she was posting and for how lovely her blog looked, and she commented back to send a genuine thank you in return, because that had been her goal all along: to create a beautiful blog that was informative and truly helpful. It was such an awesome moment, to be able to find a new, valuable source that I genuinely enjoy engaging with, and offer some affirmation to the creator along the way. I recommend you try it!

The thing is, I honestly don't think I would have done that had this blog not drawn in my visual side and stoked my desire to read and look around more. Now, I'm not a web designer, but I do know that the whole package of a website's design makes a big impact. A website might have beautiful typography, a clean design, and easy-to-navigate links. But, if the photography is so-so (pixelated/too small to make an impact/poor exposure or cropping/poor styling or location choice…I could go on and on here as a photographer so I'll quit while I'm ahead!) I hate to say it, but viewers struggle to stay engaged with what they see. I really believe this is true no matter who those viewers may be, since imagery is often times intuitive on some level - especially in the world of blogging!

Now, here's the other thing. It's tough and scary to invest in your blog when it's a new endeavor and you're still trying to figure out your voice. I'm totally there with you. I've been in that place before where I know that I'll get out of it what I put in, but haven't taken the leap yet to invest the time, energy, or money. 

It would be so easy to make a huge to-do list for a blogger who's just getting started called "1001 Ways To Create An Amazing Blog." I'm not here to do that today though. I want to suggest tackling one thing to build your blog's online presence, and make it a more beautiful place that readers love to hang out in. The one thing? Photography.

Which brings us to our list of "6 Reasons Why Working With A Professional Photographer Is The Best Next Thing For Your Blog." Ready?

  1. The Gorgeous Factor. When you create a beautiful home for your blog, your readers will remember it and come back to visit, believe me! Even if you feel like your overall web design isn't where you'd like it to be, kicking it up a notch in the photos you use can still make a dramatic and memorable impact for your followers. If the thought of consistent readers loving and being inspired by your blog excites you, pay attention to that feeling!

  2. The Professionalism Factor. If the word "professionalism" makes you gag a little, don't fret, it does that to me too! What I mean by "professionalism" is that viewers will respect you and your expertise when they see your blog and realize that you have invested in making it beautiful. They know you're serious about what you post, and you don't want your blog or your blog's photography to look like just anything. It shows just how much you value your blog, and encourages viewers to value it too!
  3. The Legit Factor. If you have ever used uncredited images in your blog posts, or used someone else's images without their permission, now is the time to get schooled on the ins and outs of image usage. Using someone else's images without permission or credit is never a great idea, but here's the great news: you'll NEVER have to worry about accidentally stealing someone else's work again when you hire a photographer who creates imagery just for you! You won't be sharing the right to use those photos with anyone except your photographer, which means your content is completely original and customized for you! 
  4. The Service Factor. Have you ever been in a situation where you had a need, and were able to find the perfect person or service to take care of that need for you? I'll bet you have. Even for help with something seemingly small, it is the BEST feeling. Being able to trust someone that you know is skilled at what they do can take a huge load off you (bonus if it's also a person you genuinely like and enjoy working with)! Hiring a professional photographer is just the same. 
  5. The Quality Factor. Have you ever tried to take a mirror selfie, or gotten your significant other or friend to take photos for you to use on your blog, and they just didn't turn out the way you wanted them to, or it's a stressful experience altogether? Hiring a professional portrait photographer eliminates all that mess! They can help prepare you for a photo session and offer tips on how to style the whole thing, from your makeup to your location. More importantly, they can also help you look and FEEL beautiful because of how they have learned to work with people, which translates through to the end result! This one is tougher to learn to DIY on Pinterest!
  6. The Collaboration Factor. If you enjoy working with people, especially creative people, then hiring a professional photographer can be a beautiful thing. Personally, I love hearing about why and how the bloggers I work with got started, where they're at now, and where they want to take their blog in the future. I LOVE collaborating. Talking through blog post and photo session ideas, finding new details and locations to incorporate, discussing ways to improve blog functionality…it's all exciting to me. And it's way more fun to do it with another person who also loves blogging and is excited to try new things!

If the thought of hiring a professional photographer totally freaks you out and your first thought is "NO WAY can I afford that," first of all, congratulations on reading this far! Second of all, you might be surprised. And if the idea of investing money into your blog when it's not quite where you want it to be yet is scary, then I challenge you to take the leap! Most photographers offer free consultations in person or on the phone. So if this idea piques your interest but you're not sure it's for you, reach out to that photographer who's style you love and see where the conversation takes you! The answer will come, I promise, and to find it, all you have to do is ask the question!

Ok bloggers, those are my thoughts from me to you about photography for blogging! Let me know in the comments: Have you been doing your own photography for your blog and feel like it's time for a step up? Have you hired a professional photographer before and loved the experience? Or hated it? Does this whole idea sound totally crazy to you? I would really love to hear your thoughts!

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