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Boston Wedding + Engagement Photography

Having been a bride myself, I know how important it is to have a visual historical record of the day you started a new chapter with your love, and your families. I’ve been in your shoes, and I know that what you really want is someone you can trust to document one of the most special days of your life. Someone who can become part of your day, and feel comfortable blending into the action to capture all the nuances. 

I’ll be there as you are reunited with old friends, dance with your grandma, and commit your life to the one you love. I genuinely get excited for each and every couple, and I’m there for you. I’m not interested in creating images of the traditional “stand here and smile” couple at their wedding. I would much rather take photos of you laughing so hard you cry, giving each other “that look,” and kicking off your shoes to dance to your favorite jam at your reception. If that sounds like you, then I'd love to chat with you about photographing your wedding! Learn more about LSP weddings here!

Creative Entrepreneur Sessions

My goal as a photographer is to work with you to take the heart and mission behind your work and bring it to life through clean, inviting, modern imagery that you can use to market your business. It’s important that your customers and clients know, like, and trust you, and consistent, high quality images are a big part of that puzzle. Whether you are a maker, service provider, or blogger, these sessions are totally customized to meet your product or portrait photography needs! Learn more about creative entrepreneur sessions here!

Lifestyle Portrait Sessions

I believe that you never have to wait for a “right time” to begin, or continue, your visual life story. Whether your search for a photographer is spurred on by the beginning of a new chapter in your senior year of high school, the little miracle growing in your belly, or “just because” you’re ready for a confidence-boosting lifestyle session for you and/or your other half, LSP portrait sessions are completely customizable for you. Learn more about portrait sessions here!

Family Sessions

The beauty and mystery of your family is that they will only be who they are today once. Moms and dads who choose love every day are always discovering new things about one another. Sons and daughters are always discovering the world and themselves through fresh eyes. No matter what size or shape your family takes, you belong here today. LSP family sessions are relaxed, organic, and customized for your family’s needs. The goal is always to laugh often, and savor quality time with your loved ones, whatever that means for you. Learn more about family sessions here!

Lorna Stell Photo

Meet Lorna

Hey friend! I’m a Virginia transplant who makes her home north of Boston. I’m obsessed with the diversity and energy of the city, but also with how easy it is to escape to nature in New England. As an introvert, I definitely need both! I’m married to a handsome fellow creative (of the wordsmithing and storytelling variety) and we love our homebody life together.

I’m a photographer because I believe there is value in seeing yourself the way your loved ones do. Because I think much of our lives are driven by how we feel, or want to feel. Because if we can feel aligned, connected, loved, joyful—That is a wholehearted life, and the experiences that help us discover and celebrate it are worth it! Keep reading to see what we have in common!

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