The beginning and end of all our stories.


The beauty and mystery of your family is that they will only be who they are today once. Moms and dads who choose love every day are always discovering new things about one another. Sons and daughters are always discovering the world and themselves through fresh eyes. No matter what size or shape your family takes, you belong here today. 

I believe that the act of recording your family’s history is an act of love. Each chapter saved is an opportunity in future years to connect again and again, and to show each new little one who has come before them to shape their life today.


What can I expect?

LSP family sessions are relaxed, organic, and customized for your family’s needs. The goal is always to laugh often, and savor quality time with your loved ones, whatever that means for you. After your session, I’ll walk you through the process of choosing your favorite images and deciding how you want to save them in print. I believe in print because I believe that our external environment influences our perspective and mindset. When we have visual reminders around us of what (and who) matters most, it becomes easier to put them first and love them well.


My biggest concern was that it would be six hours of awkward, since I'm generally overly concerned about people being in my house and hate having pictures taken, but it absolutely wasn't! It was totally wonderful and you were just the right amount of present and absent to make the day feel awesome.

One of the best things about it was watching the capturing of the more adorable, happy moments on camera, like our son playing on his mat or our daughter flipping upside down or dressing up, and knowing that we'd get to keep them forever.

You made us feel so comfortable, you were friendly and personable, and a joy to work with. I'd say that this photo session was so unique, capturing the best parts of what real life at this time was like, which is truly what I think most people want to remember anyway, and not the more traditional posed shots that have nothing to do with how things actually are.

—Mary, mother of two, March 2015 Day In The Life family session


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